The images were created using MacPyMol. The particular PBD files of interested used are coded 1TD6 (for the homolog structue) and 1W0E   (cytochrome 3A4 protein).

Overall Structure Cytochrome P450Edit

Sylvie figure 3

The overall structure of CYP3A4 displayed as a ribbon diagram. The diagram is colored according to secondary structure elements (beta strands in yellow, hellces in red, and loops in green).The diagram also features the signature heme pocket in blue. This heme pocket in universal among almost all CYP proteins.

Overall Structure With A Surface RepresentationEdit

Figure 2 sylvie

The CYP protein with a surface representation overlaid on top of a ribbon diagram. The ribbon diagram features the alpha helices in blue, beta sheets in hot pink, and loops in light pink. This image also features the heme pocket in yellow.

Electrostatic Map of CYP3A4Edit


Electrostatic map of CYP protein that highlights the heme binding region that is positively charged. Positively charged regions are shown in blue, negatively charged residues in red. The heme is highlighted in yellow.

Superposition of CYP3A4 and the homologus CYP proteinEdit

Last image

Enlarged image showing two CYP proteins aligned. The protein used in all of the other images, 1W0E, is featured in pink, and its heme pocket in featured in hot pink. The homolog is featured in light purple and its heme pocket is featured in dark purple. The RMS for the two proteins was 2.246 Angstroms, however the RMS for the proteins heme pockets was found to be 0.120 Angstroms.


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