Of the 3291bp lethal factor sequence, bp 481-579 denote the signal peptide and bp 481-2910 denote the lethal factor protein. The amino acid sequence was found at NCBI. Anthrax lethal factor has a molecular weight of 93728.3. 
Lethal Factor Sequence

"The N-terminal 26 residues are invisible in our electron density maps, and we presume that they are disordered. All other residues are ordered in at least one crystal form. The five sequence repeats are indicated R1–R5. The zinc-coordinating residues are highlighted in red. The sequence of domain I is homologous to the PA-binding domain of oedema factor, and its three-dimensional structure will be similar. For domain II, secondary structure nomenclature matches that of the N-terminal domain of VIP2." Andrew D. Pannifer et al. Nature. 2001.

Amino Acid SequenceEdit

>gi|446944843|ref|WP_001022099.1| Lethal factor [Bacillus anthracis]

Amino Acid CompositionEdit


Ala (A)  34        4.2%

Arg (R)  27        3.3%

Asn (N)  54       6.7%

Asp (D)  55      6.8%

Cys (C)   1        0.1%

Gln (Q)  41       5.1%

Glu (E)  78        9.6%

Gly (G)  36       4.4%

His (H)  21        2.6%

Ile (I)  74           9.1%

Leu (L)  80        9.9%

Lys (K)  86      10.6%

Met (M)  10      1.2%

Phe (F)  29       3.6%

Pro (P)  21       2.6%

Ser (S)  53       6.6%

Thr (T)  29       3.6%

Trp (W)   5       0.6%

Tyr (Y)  35       4.3%

Val (V)  40       4.9%

The protein is rich in glutamic acid, isoleucine, leucine, and lysine. 

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Amino Acid Composition Calculator 

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