Overall StructureEdit

P53 structure

Cartoon representation of the p53 tetramer complexed with dsDNA.


P53 surface

p53 tetramer displaying an electrostatic surface. Blue indicates positive charge, red indicates negative charge.

Unique Feature - Zinc FingerEdit

Zn finger 4

Zinc finger clusters in p53.

Zn finger 5

Zoomed view of a single Zinc finger in p53. Histidine residues shown in red, Cysteine residues shown in blue, Zinc molecule shown in green.

Homology - Mus musculus (mouse)Edit

Homolog 2

Structural superimposition of human p53 and the DNA-binding domain found in Mus musculus p53. RMS = 0.257 (144 to 144 atoms)

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