RNA sequence of protease coding segment of HIV-1

Sequence of the segment of the HIV-1 RNA genome that encodes protease. Note that the protease is part of the gag-pol protein

HIV-1 protease is encoded by the genomic RNA of this retrovirus. The sequence of 4619 complete HIV-1 isolates is available in the HIV sequence database at Los Alamos National Laboratory, but the current version of the reference sequence for the complete HIV-1 genome is NC_001802.1. The reference sequence represents a clinical isolate that was obtained from an AIDS patient in France in 1983, early in the global HIV outbreak.

HIV-1 complete reference sequence (9181 nt): GenBank format, FASTA format). The segment from position 1799 through 2095 encoodes the protease.

HIV-1 protease cDNA sequence in FASTA format:Edit

>ENA|CAA09312|CAA09312.1 Human immunodeficiency virus partial HIV-1 protease : Location:1..297

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